Hey everyone! Over the past week or so there have been various improvements to the Creative Server.

Below you can find the list of changes, the text in blue should be considered important.

- Visitor rank has been renamed to Member.
- Members are now able to build and claim up to 3 plots.
- Builders can now claim up to 7 plots instead of the previous 5 plots.
- Everyone can now use /sethome. Members can set 3 homes, Builders 5, and Architects 10.
- HD Live map has been added, view it at: http://tinyurl.com/nccreativelivemap

- Added a rule so that Admins can remove empty or unfinished plots if a player is inactive for a long period of time. (On the wiki page)
- Added //count, //green, /top, //naturalize to all Builders / Architects in the Creative server.
- Added #bot-creative text channel in North-Craft's Discord server.
- Updated the wiki page to reflect all above changes, and more commands have been added to the commands list.
- Added a few automated broadcasts to help improve players knowledge in the server.
- Updated signs at spawn to reflect the above changes.
- Updated PlotSquared.

Permissions were modified and there may have been errors. If you are unable to access commands you have had before, please message me on the website, discord, or in-game.

The Creative server map will NOT be resetting any time soon.


- Ryan
Minecraft 1.11 planned release date is November 14, so hopefully it will definitely be out by the 20th. As of right now I'm going to target the reset date somewhere between December 1-5th, we need to let plugins update for 1.11 which will take a few days then we'll need to start on the map and start improving things.


We may not update all servers initially to 1.11, we can do this via the plugin ViaVersion. Basically it allows you to connect to a 1.10 server with a 1.11 client. So basically by this I mean Skyblock, Creative, and HCSurvival may not be actual 1.11, when viaversion releases for the update we'll prob use that and keep those servers on 1.10 till the plugins mature.

Temporary minecraft 1.11 vanilla server created for all those who want to test the new features. No rules, so you can grief/pvp if you like. Switch your client to minecraft 1.11 pre-release and then connect to
to join.

Note: This server has no plugins.

Hope you all are excited for the new map!

P.S here is how to switch your client to 1.11 pre-release:
This is kind of an unusual news announcement but meh, I thought I would keep you guys updated.

To start things off with three relatively big announcements…

Hardcore Survival is still happening. Sorry it’s being pushed back so much. I hope everyone is still excited.

Survival map will be resetting when we update to Minecraft 1.11. Now if for some god awful reason it takes forever (over a month) for Minecraft 1.11 to release, we may reset beforehand. Yes you will lose all your items, but if you made a good build(s) you can request it to be transferred over to the new map. This process and more information will become available when we are actually planning/working on the map reset, this is still a few weeks away.

I have been (and will continue to be) on a slight hiatus until I become more active when Minecraft 1.11 releases. Klaine has also been busy with school and other things starting up for her. Our new survival maintainer (EidolonXIV) will be the one primarily working on the server at the moment and will be adding new things for you all to enjoy. Once he gets back from his vacation on the 31st, he will work on Hardcore Survival for a release date that is planned November 10. I will still be around but primarily won't be adding new things, only will be updating plugins, answering questions on discord, etc.

Now for the personal stuff. If you don’t care, you don’t need to read.

Lately I’ve been busy with in real life things and have generally been taking better care...
Hey everyone!

I am happy to announce that today (Saturday, October 1) we will be running a Parkour event on the server. This is thanks to KingonFarm's hard work, he has been working on this project for over two weeks.

The event will take place in our Survival Server on Saturday, October 1 @ 7 PM EST. That's 4 PM PST and 11 PM GMT.

When the event is starting, all of you will be teleported to the Parkour area and you'll need to click on a sign to join the parkour arena for the event.

The actual parkour course should take at least ten minutes to complete, and the first 3 people to finish the course will win a prize! These prizes are listed below.

1st Place: Champion or Titan donator rank.
2nd Place: Knight or Conqueror donator rank.
3rd Place: $50,000 in-game cash on a server of your choice.
If you already have a donator rank you can be upgraded to a higher rank or give a rank to a friend.

- No cheating. No using /fly, /thru, or /jumpto commands.
- Don't use anything that gives you an unfair advantage in the parkour course.
Failure to follow these rules will result in you being disqualified.

Shortly after the Parkour course event is over there will be a drop party in the server where the server admins will drop enchanted / valuable items at the server spawn. You will be teleported when this starts and shouldn't start any longer than 30 minutes from when the Parkour event is...
First of all, thank you to all of those who helped with these changes.

Tonight, the staff and I have made some improvements to the Survival Server. I also got help from some players when I was doing the wild locations.

New Spawn
We have switched Spawns on the server. The new spawn is located at 0,0 and features an entirely new build. Big thanks to EidolonXIV and Kingonfarm for helping with the spawn signs.
The old spawn is still accessible: /warp oldspawn OR /warp shop to teleport to it.

Border Expansions

Since we've switched Spawns, we've decided to increase the borders a bit.
Overworld: 25,000 --> 27,500 blocks.
Normal Nether: 25,000 --> 27,500 blocks.
Normal End: 5,000 --> 7,500 blocks.

New command: /wild
With the new Spawn, we've also added a new command that can prove very helpful for new and existing players. Simply do the command /wild, and it will teleport you to 1 of 8 predefined locations that we've set. It chooses which location to teleport you to randomly, which will help to spread out players in a natural way outside of Spawn. Adding this was a lot of work so we hope you all enjoy it....