All servers updated to Minecraft 1.11.2. Use 1.11.2 before joining our servers or you will receive errors while switching to a server from Hub.

If you use Optifine, here's a link to download the latest version as of Dec 23 (1.11.2):

Some notable changes made to the Live Map:
- In all servers, 1.10 & 1.11's new blocks should now render on the map.
- Added a flat world render in the Creative server.
- Fixed excess worlds displaying in Survival server. (the new MobArena worlds)

(also updated all plugins in all servers when updating the server to 1.11.2, hopefully less bugs.)

Things upcoming:
- Global donator ranks releasing soon.
- Holiday shop sale once donator ranks release; may not be until just after christmas, sorry for delay.
- Resource Nether / Resource End re-added to Survival soon.
- Factions (or prison, we may do a poll to see which one people want first) releasing in the first half of January.

Thanks for reading!

There WILL be a build theme for the contest. The theme is Holidays.

This contest WILL be on a creative plot world so you will get creative. Note that you
are not required to completely fill the plot.

There WONT be any team builds. We want to see what YOU can build.

Members have been given WORLD EDIT permissions for the contest to make things fair.

To enter the build contest, you MUST post in this thread:
FORMAT: <Minecraft IGN> - <Coordinates to build>
EidolonXIV - 451, 84, -129

Rewards for the winners of the Building Contest:

First Place:
- King donor rank or (4) donor rank upgrade on Survival, OR Legend donor rank on Skyblock.

Second Place:
- Champion donor rank or (2) donor rank upgrade on Survival, OR Titan donor rank on Skyblock.

Third Place:
- Receive $50,000 on the Survival or Skyblock server!

If you are already a donor:
- If you are already a donor you can still win a donor rank. For example, winning King in first place would give you (4) donor rank upgrades. If you are a Champion already, you can get upgraded to King which would be (2)...
Hello everyone! I am wondering if you'd prefer darker or lighter colors for the website?

Current Style Colors (Light):
- Light Blue
- Light Grey
- White

Alternative Style Colors (Dark):
- Dark Blue
- Black or Dark Grey
- White or Light Grey

Please vote on the poll, thank you. (You will not be able to change your vote)
- Marc
Hi everyone!

I'm pleased to announce that the Skyblock islands were reset not too long ago. Nothing was changed on the server other than the islands being completely reset. If your island was reset, that means you also lost your money and any/all items you may have owned. Your challenges were also reset in the process.

We hope that this will inspire you guys to hop on again and compete for that top island spot!

~We look forward to seeing your island creations!
Hey everyone! I am happy to announce that the new survival map has been released!

Below are some notes that you may want to take note of.

Things that you will notice for the next few days or so:
- /fly and /speed is disabled for donators for the next few days in attempt to reduce lag.
- Spawn may not be 100% complete.
- I forgot to pre render the Nether world and only noticed 30 minutes prior to release, so unfortunately only 2,500 blocks are pre rendered. Meaning the anywhere from 2,500-10,000 will be rendered by the player which will mean the server may be laggier than usual.
- Resource Nether / Resource End will not be in the map until further notice due to Multiverse plugin not being updated, we may switch to a different plugin in the future.
- /shop plugin and the server shop is not done as of server release. We will be keeping the server shop.
- The live map has not been fully generated as there is a bug with the plugin currently, requiring players to explore to generate the map, otherwise the live map will only render in small squares. This may cause lag and if it gets bad we may have to disable the plugin.

Changes from last map to this map:
- Removal of creeper damage regeneration. This plugin hasn't been updated since 1.9 so it may not work for new 1.10/1.11 items. Switched to blocking creeper block damage entirely.
- Other small things that I forgot.
- We will not be adding chest shops or playershops in this map....