Website Status: BETA

Beta simply means we've moved out of "Alpha" and into a state much more stable, which is why our state has changed to "Beta".
Change-logs, support threads, etc. will be provided bellow. As well as other information regarding beta, and alpha.

- Plugins are up to date on every Vanilla Server (Survival, Skyblock, Creative, Events, Factions)
- Spigot is now up to date on every Vanilla Server.
- Updated all backend linux programs
- Cleaned up 29 GB of space on the server. Removed old Survival map and old Skyblock map from the server box.
- Removed the /ticket command as this no longer exists.
- Updated /discord in-game command to reflect the new website.

- Checked for x-rayers.
- Removed 2 playershops in PlayerShop Red.
- Removed 3 playershops in PlayerShop Blue.
- Removed broken LWC lock protections (total of 60).
- Updated /uniqueplugins in-game command to reflect the new website.
- Updated /livemap in-game command to reflect the new website.

- Fixed an issue where on Skyblock if you were hovering over the playername in the chat it was not displaying their island level or chat reaction wins.
- Added /livemap command.
- When you go to the live map webpage, you are now by default on the Skyblock map. This hopefully will reduce confusion.

- Progress, not much left to do. Should be done within 48 hours. You can view it now (although you can't purchase a rank as of writing this post) here:

Doesn't look like much, but all this took me over 4 hours to do.
Hello everyone, this is just a quick news post to announce that we will be hosting a UHC event August 21. The event will start at 4 PM EST.

A few things to note:
- We will not have teams this time around, it will be a free for all.
- In order to connect you'll need to log onto the vanilla server and do /events once we state that the server is open. You may not be able to right now but close to the event you will.
- We will be actively looking for x-rayers. If you x-ray, you'll be banned in any servers that you play on. So think twice before you do.

If you'd like to know more about our UHC events, please read the following news post:

As well as the rules, found here:
We will be running a test server for All The Mods, which will NOT be the real map so don't be making a beautiful palace with all the pretty trimmings and rose gardens only to get upset. Save that for the real thing :p It will be shut down once the actual server releases. This is just so we can test some plugins.

We're also not going to be starting on the real map for 2 or 3 more days so we can get some feedback on generation changes that you guys feel should be done, or any tweaks to mods (although I doubt you guys will be able to progress that fast) and to see if people get random disconnects, etc.

I will be working on a few of the configs tomorrow which should take me 3-4 hours or so and then we should be able to launch the test server sometime tomorrow evening EST (18th).

A player meeting has been set for Saturday evening 5pm EST, 10pm BST give or take ten minutes either way where we will ask for some feedback, and also some views on the pack. If you want some input into this pack, then please attend the meeting on Saturday.

More details soon about the test map to follow...

It is now confirmed that we are going ahead with the 'All The Mods' Modpack due to the landslide in results in the poll. :) We are going to begin work on it some time today and and ETA of the release will be anywhere from 10-15 days. It may possibly be less depending on how long it takes to set up the plugins.:confused:
It is going to be different this time with going from 1.7 to 1.10 and the fact that I, (Aurora) am going to be doing most of it with the guidance of Loyal :p. Plus the changing over to Sponge.

I would just like to add that I want to arrange another meeting for the players before the map releases as I want you to give just a little bit more input into something else before the release. A time and date will be arranged and hopefully a little bit more notice than what we have given in the last two we held.

Thank you for all your patience during all this commotion of the polls and the voting and the swapping and changing about. It has been a learning curve for all of us and there was bound to be teething problems as in the past we have just done a reset and told players 2 to 3 days before the release. This time you have been in it from the start and had more of a say.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to message me or any of the MCS staff or reply below :D
Website Status: BETA

Beta simply means we've moved out of "Alpha" and into a state much more stable, which is why our state has changed to "Beta".
Change-logs, support threads, etc. will be provided bellow. As well as other information regarding beta, and alpha.

Good news everyone, It is now August 11th, and our new website has been launched into Beta!

It will be continue to be in BETA until September 1.

This means that when you go to you are directed to our new website. Some players may have issues connecting to the website for the next 20 hours or so, but other then that everything should be good to go!

Not all functions/pages of the website are completed as of right now, and we will be working on them a lot over the next several days.

In addition, for the next few days only a few staff members will be able to review applications.

Report a Bug/Issue that you've found by clicking this link.
View the progress on the website after Beta Launch (August 11) by clicking this link.

We are also doing a promotion on this thread, simply reply "I've signed up on the website" or whatever you like and we'll give you 20 diamonds on our Survival server! (UR3EKA/Loyal will put 20 diamonds into your inventory you do not have to be online for this)

If your website name...
Hello everyone. As some of you may or may not know, the current Skyblock map has been running since May, so myself and The_Loyal_One saw it fit that we reset it. This reset is also due to the fact that we have tons of new features coming for you guys. Some of these features are:

  • A gambling system that give players the chance to double their money.
  • Custom Challenges and Rewards
  • 3 New starter islands for you guys to choose from. (Thanks to Docnik, Darcipeeps, and Quri)
  • A hardcore mode island and shop.
  • A new starting balance of $500
We also made some major changes to the aSkyblock configuration which are listed below:
  • Disallowed players to use portals on other player's islands.
  • Disallowed players to trade with villagers on other player's islands.
  • Disallowed players to use enchantment tables on other player's islands.
  • /island now opens the GUI control panel.
  • Changed squid spawn rates to be higher per chunk.
  • Decreased the monster spawn limit.
  • Upon logging in, you will now have your island level displayed in chat.
  • All monsters with the exception of Withers will be removed when you do /island or relog.
  • When you restart your island, your balance will now also be totally reset.
  • Your ender chest will now be reset when you reset your island.
  • You will now respawn on your island if you die.
  • You may now change your island biome for $20 000
  • The maximum amount of players that can be on your team is now 5.
  • Nether trees can now grow in the Nether.
  • Block values have been updated. You can find the full list here.
On top of all of these changes to the aSkyblock configuration, we also made some adjustments to the MCMMO configuration.
  • Power levels are now displayed below your name above your avatar.
  • Scoreboards are now more colorful.
  • Scoreboards will now stay up for 30 seconds rather than 15.
  • Scoreboards will now...
Change of plan from the list last night. We aren't running 1.9 because of lack of support from the mod authors. We can run 1.10. We are using thermos which is built on bukkit; but we also have to use a thing called "sponge", which most plugins are separate. Sponge only supports 1.8 and 1.10 •
Curse Launcher all 1.10.2 All The Mods, Codename:CG, So Many Mods, MCG Modpack, Material Energy^, FTB UNSTABLE.

ATLauncher all 1.10.2 DonutCraft, French Toast, Spilled Juice

When you vote for a pack, try to vote for what’s good for the server, meaning that vote for what will bring in more players to the community. RR3 had too many updates at an uncomfortable frequency, so there were many issues. We want to move away from 1.7 because it’s been on that for a while, plus we can access the new plugins that come with sponge. Regardless, the performance will be more down that usual on account of the lack of mods in other packs. The decrease of mods will use less memory, plus 1.10 helps maintain adequate fps (Side note): pixelmon might be made at a later date If there are any problems with curse launcher, please contact a staff member and they will happily assist you. Curse makes the job of staff much easier as well. • Working Suggestions: • Avant 3- tinkers’ was taken out 10 days till polls are closed, unless there is an obvious winner
Hello North-Crafters! I have created the North-Craft Dark Style/Theme. This theme/style is a work-in-progress (W.I.P.). Once you select the theme/style of your choosing, it will change the color pallet to a lighter or darker preset. Please keep in mind that some things may not appear correctly in this theme due to the WIP nature of the theme. If you have any problems, please report them to SilentThief, they will be fixed immediately. If you have any suggestions, go here.

1.) Go to bottom left hand page of website:

2.) Select "North-Craft | Dark":
Currently the Light Style/Theme is the default for new members of the website.

Thank you for reading,
- SilentThief